Monday, July 7, 2008

The Big List

  • All photos must either be taken either BY or OF the contestant between the dates of July 3 and August 3.
  • All photo tasks are subject to loose interpretation.
  • Any photo contested by a contestant as invalid will be judged by the voting public for contest qualification.
  • The loser must gracefully give up the rights to the good room, or be subject to severe annoyance.

Scoring system:
  • 1 point for every photo collected
  • 1 point for every photo deemed by a voting public as “best quality photo"

Photo Scavenger Hunt: Who will get the best room?

  1. Capture your reflection in an unexpected place
  2. Mimic a statue of fountain
  3. Make yourself appear really small
  4. A house that still has their Christmas decorations up.
  5. A sign at a gas station where gas is under $4 a gallon.
  6. An animal in a hat
  7. A cowboy
  8. A funny sign (shop-window, street sign, etc)
  9. A sign with misspellings or grammatical errors
  10. A white horse standing on its hind legs!
  11. A particularly exceptional mullet or mohawk specimen
  12. An animal in a baby carriage
  13. A couple dressed alike
  14. Someone wearing an "I'm with stupid" t-shirt standing next to you.
  15. a picture that metaphorically represents what you like in the room you're battling for
  16. someone riding a motorcycle or scooter in a dress
  17. someone brushing his or her teeth in public
  18. Get a stranger to take a photo of you posing in the shape of a letter in front of a coffee establishment. Bonus point if you get enough people to spell out the name of the establishment.
  19. Best use of a coffee mug
  20. Worst pun on a church sign
  21. Best steak
  22. A picture of an unintentionally phallic structure.
  23. A picture of the craziest or silliest t-shirt.
  24. a picture of the most interesting quote/statement you can find on a bathroom stall
  25. a picture of the most oddly matched couple
  26. best vanity plate on a car
  27. The most relaxing place you can find
  28. The biggest tree
  29. A photo with a yellow car
  30. A high five
  31. Picture of more than one person in a bathtub
  32. Ugliest building you can find
  33. Picture of an interesting tombstone
  34. A photo of the close details of a building
  35. A photo of a piece of a “trash” object that the contestant salvaged (litter, dumpster stuff, etc.) and currently has in their residence